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5293. Abbey
Subject: Important Notice
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 00:27:16 +0100


Important Information


In order to make your online experience even more secure we have introduced a new security feature that allows us to detect unusual activity on your online account. If we detect unusual activity, we will call you to make sure that it's really you.

As a result, we need you to visit our online service site by following the reference given below and provide your urgent phone number where you can be reached anytime during the day.

  • For banking with a higher level of security, please click here.

How does it work?

If we detect a sign in with your user name from another country we may decide to confirm that it's really you. You must provide your urgent phone number within 2 weeks from receiving this email otherwise you will not be able to use the online service until we contact you and complete additional security checks. This can be avoided simply by following our online service link above.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this action.


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