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5315a. Alberts, Luke
Subject: From U.S Marine Corps

Dear Friend,
Good day and compliments, I know this letter will definitely come to you as a huge surprise,I am Capt. Justin Martell, a U.S Marine, serving in the 3rd Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment which Patrols the Anbar province, Iraq. I am desperately in need of assistance and I have summoned up courage to contact you. I am seeking your assistance to evacuate the sum of $21,580,000 (Twenty One Million Five Hundred And Eighty Thousand US Dollars) to the States or any safe country, as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here. This is not a stolen money and there are no dangers involved. Contact me via my private email:, so that I can furnish you with more details.

Capt. Justin Martell
United States Marine Corps. IRAQ.

5315b. SGT Joey Jones
Subject: Respond Asap


I am SGT Joey Jones, citizen of the USA, with the US Army in Iraq, we have
$20 Million USD in our possession and we want to move the funds out of the
Country, you will be entitled to 8 Million USD for assistance rendered.

Please respond for complete detailed information.

Your Buddy And Brother.
SGT Joey Jones.

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