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5367. Greaterheights Orpanagehome
Subject: Peace BE Unto You...

Greaterheights Orphanage Home 
Address: Strong Believer's House, 
16 Egbe Rood Ikotun, Lagos-Nigeria. 
website: currently under construction 

Dear Child Of God, 

HELP THE POOR. GIVERS NEVER LACK. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL FOR US. A very good day to you. This mail is reaching you directly from the office desk of the Greaterheights Orphanage Home founded 18/07/2008 by Mrs Comfort B.Ika. You are really blessed to have this copy because it is the will of God. The Greaterheights Orphanage Home is a non-governmental organization that takes care of children within and beyond our country as well as children who are orphans, less privileged and abandoned. Presently we have a total of 67 ( Sixty seven) of such children in our home.

They comprise of those who have lost their parents, relatives and siblings as a result of abandon & conflicts.Many of them are infected. Our major reason for contacting you is to appeal to you for urgent financial assistance/contribution to us, to enable us carry out our charity work effectively by providing the basic necessities of life for these children such as: to provide sufficient food and clothes for these children, to finance the general cost of education for these children, to provide adequate medical/health care facilities.

We also plead for your financial contribution to support our rehabilitation /expansion projects, aimed to improve the shelter and living conditions of these children. These children need our contribution, love, support and encouragement to survive and be guaranteed a good welfare, safety and protection from risks and dangers. No matter how little you have to offer, nothing is too small for us. Help to save a life by donating to these children and you shall be rewarded with abundant blessings and over flowing favors by the creator of heaven and earth.

You are blessed for receiving this message. It is directed from God.God wants you to assist this children.They need your help,nothing is too small.Dont ignore this message please.God has already planned for your blessing and it will be forever. I want you to think about the good things God is doing for you.Many slept yesterday but they couldn't make it this morning.Some are praying to God to give them just one day to live again.But you have all the opportunities you want from God.

You are alive today.It is not because of your relationship with God.It is because of God's mercy and loving kindness towards you.You have to use this opportunity to work for God by reaching out to the people in need. The little you give from your heart,the greater the blessing upon you.Any little thing you do will go a long way in this children's lives.This is why we need your help and this is the time for you to extend to people in need so that it will be your turn for God's blessing. As soon as we hear from you,We will give you the information on how to donate to the children.

God Bless you , 
Mrs Comfort 
Ika Founder /Greaterheights Orphanage Home.

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