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5391. Mr John Mac
Subject: Chairman Contract Tenders Board National Electric Regulator


Business Introduction.

We Are The Contract Tenders Board, For Contract Tenders/Awards Approvals In The
National Electricity Regulator (NER) South Africa. Our Duties Include
Evaluation, Vetting, Approval For Payment Of Contract Jobs Done For NER, Etc.

On The 15th Of June, 2007 The Committee Awarded A Contract Of US$270 Million
United States Dollars To The Consortium Of Arrummus, J.G.C. Corporation Of
Japan, Bouygues Offshore And A Joint Venture Of Spiebatignoles And Fouguerolle,
For An Engineering, Procurement And Construction of Power plants and Service
Grid In South Africa to improve the power supply to the nation before the 2010
would cup.

But My Colleagues And I Decided To Over-Inflate The Contract Sum To The Tune Of
Us$282.5m , With The Intention Of keeping The Remaining Us$12.5 Million Among
Ourselves for investment, before Submitting The Final Tender To The Government
For Approval. The Government Has Since Approved The Amount Of Us$282.5 Million
For Us As The Contract Sum Now That The Contracts Has Been 95 Completed, But
Since These Companies Are Entitled To Us$270 Million, We Intend To Transfer The
Remaining Us$12.5 Million U.S Dollars Abroad Into Any Safe And Reliable Account
To Be Disbursed Among Ourselves.

After Much Deliberation, My Colleagues And I Have Agreed That You Or Your
Company Can Act As The Beneficiary To This Fund (Us$12.5m) It May
Interest You To Know That Four Years Ago, A Similar Transaction Was Carried Out
With One Mr. Patrice Miller, The President Of Craine International Trading
Corporation At Number 135 East 57th Street, 28th Floor, New York, 10022 With
Telephone Number (212) 308-7788. After The Agreement Between Both
Partners In Which He Was To Take 30% Of The Money While The Remaining 70% For
Us. With All The Required Documents Signed, The Money Was Duly Transferred Into
His Account Only To Be Disappointed On Our Arrival In New York And We Were
Reliably Informed That Mr. Patrice Miller Was No Longer On That Address, While
His Telephone And Fax Numbers Have Been Reallocated To Somebody Else Or
Abandoned. That Was How We Lost Us$5.5 Million To Mr. Patrice Miller.

This Time Around We Need A More Reliable And Trustworthy Person or A Reputable
Company's Account To Transfer This Money (Us$12.5 Million) Into.
Hence This Letter To You.

Please Be Informed That The Personalities Involved In This Transaction Are Top
And Influential Government Functionaries Who Would Not Like Any Form Of
Exposure And As Such Would Want You To Keep This Business A Top Secret And
Confidential. And Be Rest Assured That This Transaction Is 100% Risk Free.
There Is No Risk Involved On Both Sides as we have modalities on ground to
release this fund out as a subcontract to you or your company, which has
already been completed.

If you are willing to proceed on this, then let me know so that more details
will be provided and also the document you need to apply for this fund sent to

Please, Your Response Is Urgently Needed with a contact number to reach.
Yours Faithfully.

Mr. John Mac
Tel: +27733334673
Fax: +27865711287

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