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5393. Ukuon Bongo
Subject: Good day

Good day, 

my name is Ukuon Bongo i am 22yrs old, i am the son of the late president who
goes by the 
Islamic name called El Hadj Omar Bongo butis Real Name Omar Bongo Ondimba. My
mum is the second wife of my father and her name is Edith Lucie Bongo but she
is dead, shortly after her death was when my dad died in a clinic in the
Spanish city of Barcelona, He died at the  Quiron clinic Hospital on Monday 8
June 2009 Time 18.17.You Can Read Articles about my late father the president
in the websites below;

Right now I am in New York here in USA looking for a trusted person to help me.
Before the death of my late father he secretly called me by his bed side as i
am the only son of my late mother and i am his favourite and he told me of a
deposit of sum $20M USD (Twenty Million United States Dollars Only)
he gave me a secret concerning a deposit he made in security company in Abidjan
(Cote Divore) on the 12th of May 2008. As it is now my Older brother
who is the Defence Minister in Gabon Ali Ben Bongo is trying to figure out
everything but my father warned me to keep it for myself and look for a foreign
investor who will take care of me and help me invest the money and so that i
can further my education. This is the reason why i am contacting you for help,
if you are interested I am ready to offer you 30% of the total sum for your
help so that you can help me transfer this money into your account so that i
can move over to your country and continue my education and live my life !
 all over again Looking forward to 
Sincerely Yours.

Ukuon Bongo.

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