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5410. Dr. Mrs. Olga Symonenko
Subject: Re-contact via this email:

Attn: Sir/Madam,
Be notified that after the ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL CRIME FUND RECONCILIATION CONFERENCE MEETING held with the entire African Head of States/Representatives (AU - African Union), you have been awarded a (SINCERE COMPENSATION FUND) worth of Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars - $500,000 U.S. Dollars Only; and this company was appointed as the paying company.

This is because your email address has appeared among the list of address(es) who have lost real huge amount of money to un-Identified individuals/fraudsters in Africa.

Your compensation fund will be paid to you via an international bank draft or cashiers check (please choose one). Your payment file reference number is: GOUVBJ-08-09-BJOU8856. (Please quote your payment file reference number in your correspondent mail).

For the immediate payment of your compensation fund via an international bank draft or cashiers check; fill and return your personal data information as stated below via this email:

(1) winning reference number: GOUVBJ-08-09-BJOU8856, (2) name, (3) contact address, (4) telephone number (5) fax number, (6) email address, (7) sex, (8) age, (9) marital status (10) occupation.

This company is taking steps to prove to you that this is not another type of scam. The international bank draft or cashiers check will be mailed to via the Regular Air Postal Service. This is very cheap and secured. It will cost you $50 U.S. Dollars only for the mailing fee/charges, Value Added Tax (VAT) and other charges. Please note that after you make this payment, this is the only payment which is required from you. If after paying the fee and you did not receive the payment/cashiers check, you have the guarantee to sue this company and claim any damages. If you are not comfortable with this, decline and delete immediately.

Note: This office hereby warns you to stop any transaction or communication with unknown people in Africa. Forward all suspected emails to this office for proper investigation.

Best regards,
Dr. Mrs. Olga Symonenko,
Chairman - OTFSC Headquarters, Cotonou Republic of Benin.
On behalf of the management.
Tel/Fax:  +229 98 476 036.

Re-contact via this email:

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