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5418. John Mako
Subject: Hello:Customer


This is to inform you due to your inablity to send the registration fee of your cheque as requested by delivering company,i have waited for months now yet no result, i then decided to involve the issued bank to avoid losing of the funds since my boss is yet to returned.

When i got to the bank ,the director told me that the cheque has three weeks to expire that after three weeks it will be invalid then i told the director to convert the check into cash to avoid losing of the money but he said i have to hire a lawyer before that can be done since the beneficaiy that the cheque was on his or my boss that signed the cheque is not here ,a lawyer will be involve for the signing and the procurement of vital documents needed for that.

Now am just confused because i don't have the money for that but i have no choice than to hire a lawyer who will assist me on this matter as i was told by the bank to signed for the convertion of your cheque .

After meeting with the bank lawyer who looked into the matter he told me that he will arrange for the documents as well as the signings for the bank to covert the cheque into cash payment but he said i should pay him $2,500.00 for the job , then i explained to him that i don't have the money but pleaded with him that as soon as the job is done , then the money will deducted for his payment before anything . He accepted , then i told him to proceed with the job .

The bank director also assured me that after the convertion of your check , the money will be packaged and deposited with with the bank official security company for save keeping as well as the delivering of your package to your home address .

Am happy to inform you that the job has been done , the check has been converted into cash and is right there with United State Parcel Service for deliver, remember the package is registered as family valuables for security reasons and with a seal on it for security reasons .

You can find the code number beside the package , there is a place in it they wrote ARS , when you open it through that side you will see the code . Contact the company today on this informations bellow:

Company Name : United State Parcel Service(USPS)Security Department .
Contact Person: Mr Martyn Fisher :

Note ; your package was register as family valuables , in no condition will you disclose the real content of your package to anybody till you receive it in your home for security reasons,Email the company , tell them your name , tell them that your agent register your package with them for deliver ok you can tell them my name .

Remember they will ask you for followings :
Your Full Name ................
Your Home Address..............
Your corrent Phone Numbers ..............home
Your Cel Numbers...............
You personal adentification............

While contacting them includes these informations for avoid any further delays in delivering ok .

Meanwhile i will be waiting to hear from you after your discussion with them . I also want to remained that $300.00 was deducted from the total sum and this amount includes the registration and insurance cover $500.00 and $2,500.00 of the barrister that did the job .

Best Regards, Mr John Mako

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