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5427. Arif Hussain Anjam
Subject: Attn: Sir--Quick Investment Program, Vital

On one note, it is important I introduce myself for your accurate perception of
my personality and an improved understanding of the circumstances. 
My name is Arif Hussain Anjam: a Senior Advocate of Sri Lankan, a leading
defence Counsel and a principal partner of Milhan Associates (Law
Firm). I have over 18 years experience in law practice and my professional
rating is a testimony of my equals conscientiousness . My integrity is intact
and I have earned the respect of my equals and superiors, on the basis of my
decent conduct in private and business lives. Based on the tenets of my
upbringing, I am hard working and honest. 
On another notes, we must explain that it is on compassionate grounds as well
as the dictates of our corporate outlook as; people's lawyers (notable for
equity and the protection of human right), that we took-up the brief to
protect the family of Jeyaraj Fernandopulle (former Highways Minister and
a great politician in Sri Lankan political arena, and who was regarded as a
potential future prime minister) currently being prosecuted and persecuted
by the current administration of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.  
It common knowledge that the enemies of the late minister are now in power and
on malicious grounds my client have lost huge financial and other assets to
confiscations and seizures of $600 million USD (belonging to the
family) in Liechtenstein. In fact I am currently leading the team of
lawyers defending Lakshman (the family?s first surviving son) in the
on-going prosecution for murder by the government authorities. By this and on
the strength of the family?s mandate by endorsed declaration of trust. 
We have been involved in the (family?s moves to salvage their financial
resources) conduiting $90.3 million USD for overseas investment. The funds
in focus is clean cash money which was successfully withdrawn from the family?s
accounts in Citibank, New York and London branches respectively with immense
assistance of Messrs Allian Ober and Matthews of these branches. These officers
are truly surpportive. 
The money successfully shipped out of this country as 2 crates containing law
reports and promotional material belonging to Spain (in lodgement with a
finance and secuity company). The need for false content declaration is to
avoid betrayal in transit and in custody. 
Being a neutral foreigner without any previous relationship with our law firm
and our client, we will appreciate the appropriateness of your personality for
channelling the flow of the fund ($90.3million USD) overseas for
high-yield investment without traces. This arrangement is secure and you will
agree that the need for its confidential handling cannot be over-emphasized. It
is important however to state that we have preserved the sanctity of this
project in terms of ethics and legality. Absolutely risk-free to you. 
You will also agree on the need for contractualization, so please furnish us
with your confidential fax line to enable me transit a draft Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU). This will define our relationship and this
transaction for avoidance of any misunderstanding. 
About remuneration for your assistance and cooperation, please propose (as
a percentage of the total funds in focus) for our clients' consideration. 
However, it will be our pleasure to be able to cooperate with you on terms that
you may wish to help us bring this project to fruition. 
I look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to ask any question at
once to improve your understanding. 

Arif Hussain Anjam

Call me now 2097274694 I am presently in U.S.A or Forward a Reply through email
to my confidential email address at for confidential
purposes. And please note, if you are unwilling to financially support us in
this joint venture do not reply.

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