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7857. Mrs. Christy Walton


My Dearest,

Greeting to you my dear Brothers and Sisters the good people of this planet
earth i am writing you this email not to disturb you but to ask for your
assistant based on my personality and my present condition in life and in
particular what i intend doing for CHARITY.

I am Mrs. Christy Walton the 2nd Richest Woman in the world am a great
citizen of United States of America, am bringing to you a proposal which i
want you to assist me with, i worth $22.5 billion Dollars which rates me as
the 2nd Richest Woman in the World.

As the going says Money is not every thing on earth, is painful now to let
the world now know my present condition as a cry for help,I have been
suffering from a Heart disease for the pass 22years,just few weeks ago my
Doctors in America just told me now that is time for me to die, and my Will
which is with my Lawyer which my Family is fully awhere about, but nobody
have knowledge of the 40% of my savings in Bank deposit which is Worth
$9,000,000,000(Nine Billion United State Dollars).

Please reply me back with your below details to enable us proceed further
and please keep this confidential.

God Bless You.

Mrs. Christy Walton

To: Juan Arriba <>:

Hello Juan,

I received your mail, and the content therein, you see as a matter of fact I will first of all like you to view my photographs and international passport which I have attached with this e-mail for you to get a proper view of me and also a photograph with the FIBI Bank Plc United Kingdom Branch Manager Mr. M.M Bergman.

Thanks for your response to my mail and am so happy that a man of God is willing to help me. You see life is what we all will live behind on a very good day, meaning we all on this earth are going to die one after the other but the important thing is that we should live a good remarkable life while still on earth.

If you know you are ready to help me in giving to Charity my 40% Bank Worth which is $9,000,000,000 (Nine Billion United State Dollars) to Charity you can have to yourself 20% of the funds which is $1,800,000,000 (One Billion, Eight Hundred Million Dollars ) after it is been transfer to you.

Please kindly use your Godly mind in assisting me for you will have no problem whatsoever till the end of this transfer.

So based on that I want you to send to me as an attachment any form of your identity so that we can proceed further, and You Can also call and sent me text


Mrs. Christy Walton.

Hello Juan Arriba

Hope all is well with you and your Family?

I am overwhelmed to get your mail again and will be most appreciative if you will be definite in giving your assistance to this project of mine so that we can join hands together to provide help to the poor Citizen in your Country. I do understand that there so many organizations I would have donate this funds to. But I want your help because there is this strong feeling inside of me that you will do this work well for me that was the most reason I have been so patient waiting for you to write me back.
My dear I understand that it will be difficult to transfer the whole sum amount without any obstructions by the Authorities from both Countries. Hence I met with my Bank manager to discuss this and he assured me that if I can get some legal documents it will not be any difficult. He made me to understand that with the legal documents from my Barrister the funds can be transferred to you in bits without any questioning from anybody or Authorities from both Countries.

I have in this respect contacted my Attorney too and he also was of same opinion with the Bank manager. Therefore I will want you to contact him as he will be making ready for you all legal documents that will back up the transfer of the funds to you. I want to also let you know that you are to put in your best to ensure that the aim of this project is achieved as that will be most welcomed and also well appreciated by me. I will appreciate you contact my barrister with his details below;

Name: Barrister David Watt (ESQ.).

once everything is done and ready I will send you in details on how I wish to direct this funds to Charity in your Country. But I want you to bear it in mind that this will be a self oriented Charity organization so therefore we will need a lot of efforts on this. Attach to this mail is the Certificate of Deposit and my recent Statement of Account of my Charity funds.

With thanks,


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