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1. Clock Art
An object as simple as a 5 battery-powered wall clock may be transformed into a highly personalized work of art merely by replacing the familiar numbers by the name of the owner or a suitable person or concept - as long as the name contains up to 12 characters which may be arranged logically. The clock retains its functional purpose as a device for showing the time, but it becomes so much more than a mere time-piece.

2. Bass Drum Art
There is nothing particularly new about putting the name of band on the front of the bass drum, but there are ways and ways of doing it. This logo was created over 20 years ago and when the artist was confronted with it recently and asked what the name of the band was, he didn't have a clue. In fact, it took him a couple of days to work out what it was! See if you can do any better.
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3. Book Art
A hardback book with either a paper dustjacket or a fancy imitation-leather binding, a single softback book in the HTSP standard format or a boxed set of 4 softbacks.
Each is a work of art in its own right as well as a housing for a work of art comprising a novel, a collection of short stories or a work of non-fiction.
Below are a few more jacket designs in a larger format:

A Desert HotelStorm Tide
Motive PowerOn Borrowed Time

4. Badge Art
Make a personal statement. Associate yourself with a philosophy or a popular personality or a point of view. Convey a socially benficial message with a touch of humour.
Create your own image or recycle one cut from a magazine, dis-assemble a commercial badge and clamp your content under the plastic outer cover. It's easy. Try it.

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