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fridge mountain
Is it just a pile of old fridges which has grown because the Government signed up blindly to a piece of euro-legislation without thinking of the consequences? Possibly. Or could it be:
  • Tony Blair's new holding camp for illegal immigrants?
  • A modern future for the prison system - individual cells for the convicts?
  • The next winner of the Turner Prize?
  • Where the Government hides its bad-news press releases?
  • Somewhere to keep persistent child criminals inhumanely?
  • An alternative to trollies in corridors for the NHS?
  • A new home for the Tate Modern?
  • The latest extension to the British Library?
  • The latest in Japanese-style stack-the-bodies-up hotels?
  • Where the Chancellor hides his "War Chest" between elections?
  • Blair's next "Big Idea" after the Millennium Dome?
  • Emergency housing for flood victims?
  • Britain's Camp X-Ray?
  • Emergency accommodation for poor people who can't afford houses?

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