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A recent discovery of a hoard of pre-decimal coins in a Romiley garden has set the imaginations of the local artists and traders racing.
They are all eager to do something 'useful' with the find, although their respective definitions of 'useful' vary wildly ....


The Hoard!Coinface!
Between exploring their options for portraying metal with value in bulk, the artists indulge in doodles with dosh ...


The Hoard!Cataloguer
The coins sorted by type, date and quality to give abundance data.An operator catalogues the abundance data to prepare a sale catalogue.

While the artists play and the traders get themselves organized, a level of compromise has been reached. The artists are resigned to creating ephemeral works, which will be eroded as the coins are sold. At the same time they are laying bets as to which works will survive.
   On the one hand, there is the human urge to acquire -- only by buying from, or whatever the domain name selected, will people be able to own items from this non-renewable resource. On the other hand, the traders are unrepentant about applying 'realistic pricing' to reflect the amount of work that has gone into defining exactly what the hoard comprises.
   The artists are all secretly hoping that the general public will think the prices too high. But the traders are looking quietly confident of taking a profit.

Watch this space to see who wins.

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