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after Portrait of Madame Matisse [1905]Current

Now showing in the Da Vinci Hall as part of the
Art For A New Millennium Season:

   'The World's Greatest Sexton Blakes'

The exhibition will be in Romiley for three weeks as part of an extended international tour covering Europe and the United States of America.

after Composition by Piet Mondrian [1921]The collection of work by some of the world's greatest art forgers features paintings which some authorities still insist are genuine.
   It is definitely NOT to be missed!

Admission FREE but donations will be accepted with the usual gratitude.

Fully Illustrated Catalogue 18.50
[produced in association with Romiley Arts Federation and the Local Arts Council for Romiley]

Serendipity 2001 by Michel Inquay
"Serendipity 2001" by Michel Inquay

The Gallery is currently selecting work for a portaiture exhibition to be held towards the end of the year.
   One of the main themes is expected to be Art For The New Millennium.
   The exhibits are expected to pick out trends in the art of the past thousand years which will be explored further in the new millennium.
   As usual, the Gallery will be running a tandem survey to find out the views of visitors to the exhibition on the likely relevance of the exhibitors' forecasts.

Admission will be FREE but donations will be accepted with the usual gratitude.

Sara Sidle as Mona Lise 2007 by Jacques M.In Preparation

The Gallery is commissioning and assembling works depicting contemporary faces set in an appropriate historical context.

The 'cast list' will include TV CSI Sara Sidle as Mona Lisa (right), snooker player Jimmy White inserted into a David painting of Napoleon Bonaparte and a veritable host of others.
   The organizers are promising quite a few surprises along the way – subject to authentication of the base material.

Note: this exhibition is in no way to be seen as an endorsement for the notion of reincarnation.


The Installations experiment has been moved from the Gauguin Hall to the Whistler Gallery. It features:
(A) exhibits by recognized practitioners, and:
(B) constructs by Romiley residents who have no recognized artistic status.
   Each individual 'Installation' is still being shown for one week with a random order of type and visitors are still being invited to decide whether what they are seeing belongs to category (A) or category (B).
   The directors of the Gallery are looking forward with interest to the results of this longer-term survey.
Comparisons are invited with the various professional installations on permanent show elsewhere around the village.

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