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Fabulous Artworks by modern masters

  • No unmade beds
  • No dead animals pickled in formaldehyde
  • No recycled ideas passed off as original concepts
  • No pretentious rubbish
  • No hype
  • No "idea by the master" but "executed by apprentices"

Buy it, own it, cherish it!!!

"Chaotica", [detail]
Newton E. Grant, 1978

We offer only one-version, masterpieces B*U*R*S*T*I*N*G with life and visual complexity. You cannot afford to miss out on this combination of aesthetic delight and investment potential!

For the full details of this and other exciting and totally genuine offers, please contact:
Romiley Arts Federation
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley, UK.

Thank you!

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