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Bun picBun picThe Magnificent
RLC Cook Book Offer!!!

Buy it, own it, cherish it!!!

Okay, this book is based on all those tired old recipes, which are regularly trawled from other cook books by other organizations and served up as brand new or celebrity favourites. We admit it because we are, basically, extremely honest people. But there is a difference!

We have taken the familiar recipes
and revamped and repackaged them in a
Totally Electrifying Way,
which is guaranteed
to tie your taste buds in knots,
and send them back screaming
   for more and more
      and more when they get untied.

You Dare Not be without this
Ultimate cookery statement!
Buy it, try it, love it to death!!!

Yours for the amazingly low price of 19.95 plus postage.
The ideal gift for all occasions!

For the full details of this and other exciting and totally bogus offers, please contact:
Romiley Literary Circle
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley,G.B.

Thank you!

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