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We could make you incredibly rich
in a very short time!

How? Simple. We can introduce you to hundreds of bank and government officials in African states (mainly in Nigeria) who have millions and millions of dollars lying idle in dormant bank accounts.
   They are DESPERATE for the aid of people in European countries who can supply them with the simple convenience of a bank account, which can be used to move the money out of their country. They are all desperately eager to liberate money which would pass to some corrupt African government if left unclaimed. And they are prepared to offer you 40% (typical rate) of MILLIONS for your help!


  • MR IK EMOKA has $ (22.2million United States Dollars) in two IRON TRUNK boxes in Sierra-Leone.
  • MRS. MARIAM SESE-SEKO, WIDOW OF LATE PRESIDENT MOBUTU SESE-SEKO OF ZAIRE, (who always writes in upper case) has ONE HUNDRED MLLION UNITED STATE DOLLARS (US$100,000,000,00.) deposited with 'a security company'.
  • Mr FRANCIS OKOYE the 'Acountant of Standared trust bank of Nigerial' has 'discovered and abandoned sum of US$32.5million (thirty-Two million, Five hundred United States Dollars)' in an account belonging to a dead foreign customer.
Our rate of charges for introductions is very low!

Email us NOW for an opportunity which makes a UK National Lottery win look like peanuts. -- All major currencies accepted.

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