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Leonardo PlansHistory In The
Making - By YOU!!!

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Leonardo da Vinci is credited with inventing the helicopter - but did he? Now, you can find out for yourself!
   Did the great inventor really devise a machine that bears any relation to a modern helicopter? Send off TODAY for our Living History kit. You will receive a set of plans and a complete kit for building Leonardo's conception of a flying machine.
   Build it, test it, find out for YOURSELF if the contraption is capable of achieving flight. Don't rely on the opinions of so-called experts. Seek out the proof for yourself!
   Be the first in your neighbourhood to join this experiment in Living History. Participate in a Real Science project.
Email us NOW for the latest prices. -- All major currencies accepted.


This is what your kit will look like
when assembled.
Astound your friends!
Amaze your neighbours!
Voted the Educational Kit of 2001
by a panel of experts.


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