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Titles, Titles, Titles!!!

Become a person of significance - someone who is guaranteed the best service
in hotels, the best tables in restaurants and automatic free upgrades.

We have for sale a limited number of feudal titles, which would allow YOU
quite legitimately to style yourself Lord or Lady, according to sex -

What Do I Have To Do?

Simply purchase one of our symbolic plots of land and assume the title of the appropriate Marcher Lordship.

Historical Note

The Marcher Lords were created as guardians of England's border with Wales. At the time of their elevation, the first holders of these titles were persons of great importance and influence, and they wielded significant power over their territories.
  The Marcher Lords served as deputies to the current Earl Of The Marches. They were responsible for law and order, tax collection and creating and maintaining a militia strong enough to prevent cross-border raids by Welsh bandits.
  In turbulent times, they provided the stability necessary for the planting and harvest of crops and the management of livestock. They played an essential part in creating the society we know today by holding their fiefdom together and allowing it to develop.
  Over the course of time, the titles have become detached from the estates formerly held by the Marcher Lords. They are now attached to a symbolic one square yard of land.

The Benefits

  • The manifold advantages of putting 'Lord' or 'Lady' on your driver's licence, bank card, credit card, business cards, etc.
  • Guaranteed courtesy and respect.
  • A first-class lifestyle without question.

Remember: having a title implies that the holder is a well-connected person of influence; and the title will pay for itself many times over if used wisely.

For the full details of this and other exciting and totally bogus services, please contact:
Romiley Literary Circle
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley, G.B.

Thank you!
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