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Moon picMoonstruck?

Now you can make a dream come true!!!

Buy your own bit of the Moon
- for less than a fiver!1

A full acre [0.4047 hectares] of the Moon can be yours for just 4.99
- and no VAT to pay!1

We can offer you;

  • Full Telescopic Access for nearside plots - check out what's happening in and around your personal area of the Moon2.
  • Total Privacy for Farside Plots - no chance of those nosy neighbours on Earth spying on you.
  • Almost 100% Pollution Free - contamination from the Earth is minimal.
  • No Global Warming Problems - lacking a dense atmosphere, the Moon is not subject to the Greenhouse Effect.
  • No Ozone Hole Problems - lacking an ozone layer, the Moon is not subject to ozone erosion by the release of chlorocarbons and other active gases.
  • Free Meteorites! - no additional charge is made for spaceborne materials which impact on your personal plot.
  • Independent Solar Access - the Moon is in no way dependent on the Earth for its access to light from the Sun3.
  • Courtesy Cars Available - ex-NASA Moon-buggies are available for your unlimited use at selected sites4.
  • No MoT's - the Ministry of Transport has no jurisdiction on the Moon and no authority to require testing of vehicles in any way, shape or form.
  • Perfect Weather All Day Long - no chance of rain, snow, hail, fog, thunderstorms or any Earth-style violent weather interrupting a lunar picnic. The Sun shines all through the day, and the days are two whole Earth weeks long - guaranteed!
  • Dark Skies for Astronomers - no light pollution, no clouds, no atmospheric distrubances of any kind. The Moon offers the perfect viewing platform for astronomers and the nights are a massive 14 Earth days long - guaranteed - for your added viewing pleasure!
  • Permanently Low Gravity - Unconditionally Guaranteed! On the Moon, you will weigh just one-sixth of your weight on the Earth. Instant slimming without the need to diet.
  • No VAT - the European Union has no powers of taxation on the Moon.

For the full details of this and other exciting and totally bogus services, please contact:
Romiley Literary Circle
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley, G.B.

Thank you!

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Created for Romiley Literary Circle by Henry T. Smith Productions. © RLC, 2001

1 Highlands, 4.99/acre, Maria, 9.99/acre.
2Weather permitting, clouds or daylight may have an adverse effect on viewing conditions.
3 Some transient light loss may occur during eclipses by the Earth.
4 May need battery charge/replacement and full service.