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RLC Approved Asteroid Shelters

You Can Stay Safe
 - No Matter What

Bring your chequebook or credit card and come a-running!

The ideal gift for the family which wants to preserve its genes for the benefit of Mankind!

Due to a combination of post-Cold War reductions in defence requirements, we have a limited number of ex-nuclear bunkers for sale. Topped with a 14-metre layer of triply reinforced concrete as just one line of defence, the shelters are capable of withstanding an overhead nuclear attack or the impact of an asteroid the size of Romiley.
   The shelters offer a constant, stable environment and they have been used with great success for commercial mushroom growing.
   They are ideal for waiting out a local extinction until the surface is fit for human habitation again.

For full details of these and other exciting and totally bogus offers, please contact:
Romiley Literary Circle
c/o Farrago & Farrago, 10 SK6 4EG, Romiley, G.B.

Thank you!

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