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Amarath Prethon assembled this story in the public area of the life.etl website over a period of a year or so. As with the experimental novel by Douglas Gramin, there was very little pre-planning. The writer just got on with the job and let the narrative flow take him wherever it wished.
   The novel grew as a serial called Memories of Prethon on the life.etl website. The navigation bar stretched from 10 to 20 to 30 sections as inspiration flowed, and the range of in-line graphics multiplied modestly. The 30-chapter version ends at a convenient point in the story and the writer heaved a sigh of relief at not getting involved with a monster of the size of one of Jon A. Gored's works!
   The for-print version, retitled Survivors, is somewhat developed from the original HTML version (and it was run through a spell-checker). It should be considered as a final proofing edition.
   What's it about? The theme is survival beyond death and the possibilities attendant on such survival. But this book is NOT about vampires.

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