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Dreamers Of The Day (1999)

This book is the ultimate collision of the Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle with lots of money and even more weirdness. Musician Pete Astor writes a number which is so good that it gets his ass fired off a tour and out of his band. His recording company is worried about being sued by the grasping relatives of impressionable people who take his brand of Black Magic Rock too seriously, and not prepared to take any risks.
    Astor has allies, however. One of them provides material support for his schemes to go his own way and create trouble, the rest are more than willing to join in the trouble-making. But on that front, there are people with their own agendas, who are eager to make trouble for Pete Astor. This is a big book [500+ pages] with a whole lot happening in it. And it's wrapped around a whole philosophy of life. Check it out!

Voted provisional Book Of The Century, with due regard for the fact that the 20th Century still has the rest of the year 2000 to run.
    [This rating has now been confirmed - Ed./2001]


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Prey (2001)

If you're looking for a long read, this is the guy for you! His book Dreamers Of The Day took 6 years to write and ran to over 500 pages. He took half as long to write this one and it finished up at well over 600 pages, and none of them wasted.
    As with DOTD, this story follows the life of an extraordinary person for a year or so, during which time his career develops in directions which he could not have imagined at the start of the narrative. Unlike Pete Astor in DOTD, the central character of Prey leads a more formally structured life most of the time. But that structure does tend to break down, throwing him on his own resources and testing his character mightily.
    Oh, no! It's another cop story! Well, it is and it isn't. But you'll have to read to the book to find out how much it is and how much it isn't.
    The author reckons this is probably the last book that an RLC member will write with a policeman as the lead as he agrees with R.D. Wingfield's assessment of the sorry state of both the effectiveness and the leadership of the 21st century British police 'service' after 10 years of New Labour's poisonous influence.

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Rogue Shooter

This one is very much a work-in-progress -- Mr. Gored had written about 65,000 words at the last count and that's barely scratching the surface for this author -- but he wants to stake a claim to the title. Michael Crichton has a habit of using titles which are usually more associated with other authors -- such as The Lost World and Prey. So if he does the same with Rogue Shooter, Mr. Gored would like it to be known that he was there first. Again.
   Progress Report, Nov. 2006 : Mr. Gored has written 7 sections with a total length of 161,000 words and it looks like this epic is coming in sight of a natural conclusion.
   Progress Report, Nov. 2007 : Mr. Gored has written 8 sections with a total length of 173,000 words and he reckons he will finish the book in 2007. RLC members are rushing to the bookie's in the village to bet against this happening as Mr. Gored spends most of his time messing about with various websites instead of writing this book.
   Progress Report, Feb. 2017 : [Yes, that's right, 2017!!] The third magnum opus reached 183,000 words and 510 pages before the author found an ending he liked. The book is now being edited for publication with a new front cover design.

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