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The works of Gordon Range

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The Empty Sky

This work was conceived in 1997/8 and everyone in the Circle was reminded of it when the terrorist attacks were made on the United States on September 11th, 2001.
   It is a sad fact that life does imitate art. In the real-life case, the terrorists went a lot further than the ones in Mr. Range's book, who were trying to make a point without causing loss of life in order to retain some moral high ground.

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The Fantasy Factory (1990)

People play jokes on one another and put friends into quite awkward situations, knowing that they can 'save' them before matters get out of hand. When the people concerned spend their days playing about with information, most of it on computers, the scope for manipulation becomes greater.
   The real trouble starts when the author of the mischief is removed from the equation unexpectedly and permanently. Then, people have to start guessing which pieces of information are real and which are manufactured. And those people, being only human, can't be relied on to get thing right.

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The War Crimes Commissioner (1987)

People can always find some reason which justifies even the most extreme reaction. And it's always possible to stand someone else's reasons on their collective heads and ask, 'If this is valid for X, why should it not be valid for me?'
    In this controversial work, the author looks at the issues of crimes committed during a war and retribution. His War Crimes Commissioner is looking back at World War Two. But his reasoning applies equally well to the years up to and after the millennium change -- a period when war crimes became almost fashionable.

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Zone Purple (1987)

What people can get away with when the world is going to hell in a handcart all around them has long been a major topic of interest to the RLC authors. For the more senior members, the end of World War Two provides an interesting setting for an exploration of human strengths and frailties.
    The author has had a lot of good vibes from readers of this particular book. Indeed, some of them have described it as his best ever work - and they never seem to get any argument from him on that subject!

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