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A joint work by Gordon Range & Henry Smith

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Something In The Blood (1988)

Quite frequently, a novel starts off heading in one direction then it zooms off to a completely different destination as it evolves. This is exactly what happened with SITB. The principal characters acquire unexpected alternatives and there was a certain amount of speculation while it was being written as to whether any of them would still be around for the ending.
    RLC authors have devoted quite a lot of time to the possible causes of vampirism as well as the actions of vampires. SITB provides a plausible explanation for the phenomenon while exploring the problems of people who have to deal with vampires as predators and prey; sometimes both simultaneously.
    On a technical note, the first proof edition of the book was created in 1994 using WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS with an add-on program, which provided TrueType fonts and a range of fancy effects for the fonts. The page-block that went into a hardcover binding was created out of a set of booklets, which were assembled and numbered using macros written by a RLC member - as this was long before the print as booklet option was added to WordPerfect. At the time, the first ever hardback version of the book was state-of-the-art for desktop publishing and the authors remain proud of that achievement.

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