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Clyde Wydey began reviewing his favourite TV viewing in 2000, mainly because he found himself watching a lot of stuff which the reviewers in the national newspapers and elsewhere neglected.
   [Probably because most of it is on minority chanels. Ed.]
   Mr. Wydey's natural habitat is the digital channels, which are TV heaven for the brilliant series made in the 1960, 70 and 80s – The Men From Uncle, Starsky & Hutch, The Avengers, The Champions, UFO, Department S & Jason King, Star Trek in all its incarnations, Rising Damp and the back catalogue of the various CSI incarnations all come and go here.
   Back in the present, deserving series such as Life On Mars, Midsomer Murders and a few others get a look-in. Sports programmes also feature in the pages of the collections, including Formula One (presently quite dull but Clyde lives in hope), MotoGP & Superbikes, the NFL between September & February, not NFL Europe since those useless twats at Sky dropped it (not to mention the useless twats in charge of the NFL), snooker, critical soccer matches and various other bits & pieces.
   Mock sports, such as the World Wrestling Federation's output, and what were the much more entertaining TNA shows on British Eurosport, but which have become carbon copies of the WW$ output on Bravo, also get a look-in. In addition, Mr. Wydey keeps an eye on the Discovery, National Geographic, UKTV and other 'serious' channels for entertaining and informative series, such as Mythbusters and returns to the legacy of Fred Dibnah.
   If it's worth watching but out-of-the-way, Clyde Wydey will probably have seen it. He is currently working on Volume 14 of his novel-length collections.

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