A Desert Hotel
by Henry T. Smith
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The first edition [above, left] published in the UK and the Commonwealth by Robert Hale, Ltd. in 1982 at 7.25 (cheap!) and the edition [above, right] published in the United States of America by the Walker Publishing Company, Inc. and in Canada by John Wiley & Sons in 1985 at $13.95 (also a bargain!) were both abridged. The first complete version of the story was the Farrago & Farrago 2000 edition [left], which contains the full original text and a sketch map of Bohemia.


The Eastern Front had shrivelled a regiment to a young Leutnant and a handful of men. For them, the issues of World War II had been reduced to personal survival through the last few days; which could be achieved only by honourable surrender to the Americans, not their arch-enemies the Russians.
    But during their journey to capitulation, they learned that nationality had ceased to define friend and foe. Renegade officers of their own army of occupation in Czechoslovakia were as dangerous to them as any declared enemy.
    Having fought and schemed their way back to their homeland, the survivors found themselves unable to surrender meekly to the conquerors. Long years of war had bred daring, determination and an utter disregard for all laws but those of survival.
    These qualities, and assistance from equally lawless allies, formed the core of their plan to conclude their part in the war on their own terms.

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