by Henry T. Smith
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Monty had a double to deceive the Germans. For British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's convenience, an actor performed radio broadcasts of some of his best remembered speeches. Great leaders find their own solutions to the problem of having to be in two places simultaneously. Adolf Hitler, Führer of Germany, employed a whole zodiac of Doppelgänger from dire necessity. Both the Allies and his own generals kept trying to kill him.
    By the summer of 1944, Adolf Hitler was dying slowly. Doubles took his place when illness as well as convenience ruled out a personal public appearance. Dr. Rolf Marzius was keeping him alive. Reluctant SS recruit Sturmbannführer Oskar Weinkenner found himself in the role of bodyguard to a man whose life could be as important to the Reich as the Führer's.
    This episode of the war's most closely guarded secret opens with the Stauffenberg Bomb Plot. It is the story of the men of the Reichssicherheitsdienst, the doubles, and the doctor, who moved in the highest government and military circles as they carried out their principal duty: preserving Adolf Hitler's life, knowing that the price of both success and failure could be their own death.

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