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by Henry T. Smith
PFS JacketBlurb:

Hurricane pilot Sergeant George Fell had been banished to Bomber Command. In May and June of 1941, he was flying Blenheims as the senior member of a crew of sergeant-rejects. Brian Davies, a competent navigator, was useless as a bomb-aimer on an operation. Nigel Rutherford had a talent for wrecking his wireless set, he could frighten the rest of the squadron more than the Luftwaffe with his twin machine guns and he talked constantly. Worse, Fell's crew had a superstition for every occasion.
    Even crews which worked smoothly together got shot down. It was inevitable that George Fell's aircraft would share that fate. The first time left the crew floating in the Channel until an RAF air-sea rescue launch picked them up. The next time, they were shot down over Occupied France.
    At a time when the Germans had turned their attention to the east and Operation Barbarossa, Fell had to solve the major problem of staying out of the enemy's hands and escaping to the north with his pair of misfits.

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