Back to Front PageThe Red Star Brigade
by Philip H. Turner


In this third of the G11 stories, Colonel Johnstone comes up against two 'peace' movements and a man with a grudge. The London-based Campaign Against Nuclear Submarines needed funds to support its propaganda campaign and it was prepared to seek them in novel ways. The more dangerous West Germany-based Weltfriedensverein was killing war-mongers with snipers after marking them for execution. The man with the grudge was settling his scores in much the same way.
   Colonel Johnstone was in the process of rebuilding his unit with junior personnel and rejects as his only sources of recruits. As ever, he was failing to get on with Sir Ian Barre, his Head of Department. Unusually, however, common adversity was creating bonds between his unit and the other section of Department G11, which was run by Commander George Palmer.
   The two leaders found themselves driven into the uncharted territory of a state of co-operation as they schemed to neutralize their interfering Head of Department, prevent an embarrassing assassination on British soil and deal with a rogue agent. As ever, the problems had to be solved quietly and without causing alarm to the British public. Nothing happened was, and remains, the rule of the day for the Security Service.

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