Storm Tide
by Philip H. Turner
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ST JacketBlurb:

Jeremy Haig had achieved success as a treasure hunter while working closely with academics. He had made himself a lot of money but he had retained respectability. Haig was the sort of person who uses a metal detector to uncover history because that is his main interest. He was pleased to discover ancient gold and silver, but the real treasures, for him, were artifacts of baser metals.
    The Fantony brothers had the potential to create a great deal of wealth for themselves if they could only find a way to turn stolen bullion into something apparently more respectable. They knew that the easiest way to make money is to adapt an existing money-spinning idea.
    Finding a good idea to use as a starting point was proving to be very hard work. Haig was to become their unwitting model, an inspiration for the conversion of new into old and a guide to the way to retain possession of what looked like a chance discovery.

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