Back to Front PageThe Charmian Effect
by Philip H. Turner
TCE JacketBlurb:

A protest group picks Leo Brentor's place of work as a target. Fraud, bullion robbery and the machinations of a foreign Intelligence Service overlap. The protesters move into counterfeiting as a means of raising additional funds to make their planned act of quasi-violent protest even more spectacular.
    The Civilian Security Police have to make sense of an accidental UFO incident in the wake of an independent act of protest that goes wrong. A para-military police unit becomes drawn in to a shooting match with arms dealers and a group of desperate people, who realize that they can see no satisfactory solution to their problems.
    Dr. Leo Brentor finds himself having to cope with threats to his career, and to his girlfriend Diana Kilvey's life, when she becomes caught up on the fringes of fraud and espionage.

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