The Cold Fire Of Madness
by Philip H. Turner
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TCFM JacketBlurb:

Bolton in Lancashire is known for its football team and, without being unkind to the town, not much else. Such was not the case back in 1927, when the Bolton Ripper was giving the nation as huge a shiver of horror as his more famous cousin in London.
    The London Ripper's atrocities were still part of living memory in 1927. Sixty years on, in 1987, Jack was still the subject of speculation and a growing catalogue of books and films. His imitator in Bolton, similarly undetected, had been forgotten.
    The chance finding of an old newspaper and his job as a researcher for a literary agent put Dieter Pearson on the trail of what looked like a good story for a book. His story was to be a triumph of the human spirit, the struggle to preserve the reputation of one of the Bolton Ripper's intended victims. Just doing his job, creating an idea for others to exploit, he stepped into an ancient nightmare which began to demolish his life and steal everything that meant anything to him.

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