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What do you do when your choice is between a man who's said to be too clever for his own good and a man who's said to be thicker than three short planks?
    What do you do when, under the existing rules, one of these guys has to become president of the United States of America, the most powerful and influential nation on the Earth?
   When a nation casts more or less equal numbers of votes for each candidate, when one-half of the nation chooses not to vote at all and when the final outcome hangs on the results of battles fought in the courts over election practices which are dodgy all the way from the design of the ballot paper to the way the results are counted, it's time for radical action.
   It's time to shout, "A plague on both your houses!" to both candidates.
   It's time to do the only sensible thing in these circumstances - keep the bloke who turned America round in the job.

Don't Dump Bill
You know it makes sense!

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