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has been taken over

by a of hackers and a
of cyber-squatters.

  And we ain't budging until our demands are met!  
p.s. If you see things flying about on your screen,
it means your computer has been bugged!
It this message makes no sense, you're not using an advanced browser.

  What do we want?  

Two million dollars and a

When do we want it?


What else do we want?


Apathy Rules, OK? Well, I suppose so
Free the Indianapolis 500
Sudden prayers make God jump
Be Alert! Britain needs Lerts!
Free the Heinz 57
Experience is the comb that life gives you
   after you've lost your hair
What is the future of coal? Smoke!
You guys just kill me! - Julius Caesar
Royce Rolls, KO!
Amor vincit insomnia
I'd rather have a full bottle in front of me
   than a full frontal lobotomy!
Play Rugby! Feel a man.
Please adjust your dress before leaving.
   But I don't wear a dress!
What, me worry?
I thought Hertz Van Rental was a Dutch
   painter until I discovered Smirnov
Marquis of Queensbury Rules, KO!
It requires education to take the piss
   out of a king
Old professors never die - they only lose
   their faculties
Tolkien is Hobbit-forming
Flower Power Rules, Bouquet!
ELVIS LIVES! And they buried the
   poor bugger!
Keep This Bus Tidy! Throw your tickets
   out of the window
Stop Smoking! Burst into flames
Religious fanatics are sects maniacs
Drink is not the answer. What was
   the queshtion again?
James Bond Rules! 00K
God is not dead; merely out to lunch
Stamp out philatelists!
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Found Alive!
   First World War A Mistake!
Genius is an infinite capacity for giving pains
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean
   they're not out to get you
Sex is very bad for one. But very good
   for two!
Veni, Vidi, Vivi
Free Astrid Proll! No, thanks, I already
   have one.
Anyone who goes to a psychiatrist needs his
   head examined
Amnesia Rules, O...
Nudists wear one-button suits
I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous
Drive the foreigners out of the U.N.
Indian Driver - Smoke Signals Only
Procreation is the thief of time
Immanuel Kant but Ghengis Khan
If you feel strongly about graffiti, sign a partition!
I'm not a complete idiot – some parts are missing.
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Created for Romiley Literary Circle by Henry T. Smith Productions, 10/12 SK6 4EG, UK.
sole RLC, 2000