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A brief survey of the essentials
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H2O is the formula for hot water and CO2 is the formula for cold water.
That's about as much chemistry as the average person will ever need to know.
Water and electricity don't mix.
So never drink a glass of water when you have your fingers plugged in to a power point.
If it's big and yellow and it hurts your eyes and it's out during the day, it's the Sun. If it's big and white, it's the Moon. If it's small and twinkling, it's a star. If it's small and not twinkling, it's a planet, but if it's moving visibly, it's a satellite - unless it's flashing, when it's a plane. Unless it's a meteor.
Bunk, according to Henry Ford and something for which the nation has to offer a grovelling apology, according to Tony Blair.
Most rocks are dense and heavy, which is why they hurt if you drop them on your foot.
There is no longer any reason to go abroad as the European Union has abolished the duty-free allowance.
The nastier the taste, the more good the medicine does you.
fringe medicine
If the doctor has a fringe, watch out!
Anyone who offers you a great deal at an amazing bargain price is probably about to rip you off.
Anyone who offers you a great deal at an amazing bargain price is definitely about to rip you off.
Generally, a stream of worthless conclusions about matters of no relevance to the real world.
real world
A place generally avoided by dreamers, politicians, the Arts industry and anyone drawing a salary from the public purse.

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