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New Business

Information on the unidentified spacecraft which crashed in the Bradford area has been successfully kept out of the news. Both witnesses to the incident responded well to hypnotic suggestion and they have been released under surveillance. General Harold H. Barry of the US Department of Defense has expressed an interest in the materials recovered and his arrival is expected within the next two days.
   The explanation for the local power failures has been accepted and further episodes ranging from a grey-out to a total black-out have been scheduled.

Progress Reports

Autopsy reports on the bodies recovered from interception 14b/99 are now available on the distribution network. The brief closure of the network during the last few days was a necessary precaution taken during further assaults by hackers. All three attempts to penetrate our secure perimeter failed and appropriate measures have been taken against those responsible.
   No further action is to be taken in re the leak of data concerning the Gategill incident. As the information obtained was intrinsically contradictory, it was felt at a command level that any acknowledgement of the department's loss of control of the data would only lend credibility to the sources. Keeping these people well and truly undermined remains a Level 2a priority for the Controls Division.

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