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Are You Popular? Quiz

1. When you walk into work each morning, do your colleagues:
(a) Smile and ask how you are
(b) Nod brief acknowledgements
(c) Ignore you completely

2. If you wished, could you spend every night of the week socializing?
(a) Yes
(b) Only very occasionally
(c) Never

3. Under what circumstances did you go to your last party?
(a) One of several that night
(b) Went with someone as their guest
(c) I don't go to parties

4. How many calls were on your answering machine after your last weekend away?
(a) 10 or more
(b) 4-9
(c) 0-3/No answering machine/Never go away

5. How often do you have to turn down an invitation due to a prior engagement?
(a) Several times a week
(b) Occasionally
(c) Never

6. How may cards did you get on your last birthday?
(a) More than 20
(b) 10-19
(c) 0-9

7. Who is most likely to send you a Valentine's Day card?
(a) A secret admirer
(b) Your partner/spouse
(c) The office joker/No one at all ever

8. Do you ever find yourself at a party and in the position of having no one to talk to?
(a) Never
(b) Sometimes
(c) Often

9. When did you last receive a letter that wasn't business or junk mail?
(a) In the last month
(b) In the last 6 months
(c) Not within living memory

10. Do you ever unplug your phone or put the answering machine on to avoid friends' calls?
(a) Often
(b) Occasionally
(c) Never

11. Do your social activities come about through your own efforts or other people's?
(a) Other people usually contact me
(b) A mixture of both
(c) I make all the running

12. How often do you receive presents (not birthday or Xmas) from people outside your family?
(a) Often
(b) Sometimes
(c) Never

13. When did you last receive an unexpected visit from friends who had 'just dropped by'?
(a) In the last week
(b) In the last month
(c) More than a month ago

14. If there was a flood and Mr. Noah lived in your street, would you be:
(a) First aboard the Arc II
(b) Saved, but maybe with wet feet
(c) Fish-food

15. If someone you knew won the National Lottery, would you be:
(a) The first to know
(b) On the list for being bought a drink
(c) Left in the dark

16. If someone is buying you a present, do they:
(a) Cause severe damage to their credit card
(b) Buy something modest but appropriate
(c) Recycle some piece of junk that someone else gave them which they don't like

Scoring: (a) = 2 points; (b) = 1 point; (c) = no points.

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