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Taken on the day of the great non-event in Cornwall in August, 1999, when those interested in astronomy gathered to try to watch the last total solar eclipse visible from British soil for ninety years. The mystery object was not noticed at the time but it has caused much speculation among Cornish UFOlogists. The time-stamp on the photograph is 09:11, 2 hours before the eclipse.

Having a camera at the ready at all times is vital for anyone hoping to photograph the unexplainable! This picture shows an aerial object which was spotted by at least 10 people while it was stooging around Bremen, Germany, in the spring of 1998. Units of the Luftwaffe were scrambled when it showed up on radar screens but the fighters never got close. The object just disappeared into the distance when they were approaching visual range.

Out aerial sight-seeing, the German photographer who captured this shot is reported almost to have fallen out of the door of the helicopter in his efforts to get an unobstructed picture. Two days later, he was arrested by the French Secret Service and held for 36-hours while being questioned about his reasons for being in the air over their capital city at the particular time when he took his photograph.

Members of an expedition to a remote part of Tibet took this picture. The aim of the mission was to chart the destructive effect which Chinese occupation has had on a separate culture. Such a dramatic contrast between the spiritual and the unknown was totally unexpected!
   The object was observed to follow a fairly straight course at moderate speed along the length of a valley before it disappeared into a pass in mountains out-of-shot to the right. It was visible for three to five minutes and seen by a total of eight people.

Lost for centuries in the jungles of Guatemala, this site has four conflicting names and it is generally known by its neutral discovery description of 1997C. The picture was taken by a member of a university survey team, which was attempting to get a sense of the total size of the built-up area. The photographer was experimenting with exposure times when she took this picture and she did not notice the object until she saw a print in her darkroom.

Taken in the early Sixties in Brixham, Devon, this object was spotted by two separate groups of hikers on the edge of the town and two tourists, one with a camera, in the harbour area. One group of hikers described the object as making a throbbing, buzzing noise at one point. The three groups were able to keep the object under observation for at least 10 minutes before it disappeared travelling vertically upwards at high speed.

Sighted by a group of American tourists in the Black Forest in Germany, the object was visible for about ten minutes and it took some fast and furious driving by one of the group to get into position for this picture with the object framed by the rainbow. It remained visible for less than one minute after the picture was taken, then it disappeared over the horizon, heading east. Although there was a great deal of traffic on the roads, no one else saw the object and no one took any notice of a group of crazy Yanks, who were pointing their cameras at the overcast, rainy sky and getting wildly excited.

A guest at a country house party in Norfolk was taking pictures of the grounds when she captured this particular object [upper left, indicated by the black arrow]. As is common for such encounters, the guest did not see the object - and neither did any of the other sixty guests. It was noticed only when she was showing her pictures to her hosts some four months later.

The rocky coast of the Segir Island, which lies some sixty miles to the west of Scotland's Atlantic coast, provided the setting for this picture. It was taken from the headland of the bay at the northern end of the island by a member of a university team which was engaged in a tidal power project.
   There was a helicopter operating in the area of the much larger bay at the southern end of the island but this object was clearly something else. It made no sound as it flew right over the observer at a height of no more than one thousand feet, and it was seen to perform two almost right-angle turns in a horizontal plane to reverse its course.

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