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Some Background:

The Daily Mail lavishly promised every reader an item from its great Xmas 2007 giveaway, and one of its readers decided this was too good to be true. The idea was that the Mail would print a list of 3 items every day and the reader had to pick one from the list and write it on the card provided, and send the completed card off to receive the great gift. So our sceptical reader kept a copy of his completed card:

Daily Mail wish list

Here is a photograph of what was actually received with a millimetre scale:

the Daily Mail wish

After a lot of thought, the Daily Mail reader finally worked out that this was supposed to be the diamond earrings; one of the junk prizes thrown into the list as a get-out. Spot the diamonds!

The conclusion from this sorry episode is that the Daily Mail must have complete contempt for its readers if it thinks that all they're worth at Xmas is a sorry scam like this. [But we knew that anyway, Ed.] What is the point of doing it, though? Nobody's going to be impressed by it.

Has the Daily Mail taken on a New Labour spin doctor as a special advisor? Because nobody could expect to give such a piece of junk to a 'loved one' without being murdered on the spot!

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