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The Purchaser Writes:
I bought a laserprinter toner cartridge from ABC Toner Cartridges Ltd. (first purchase) in February, 2008.

The order was delivered the next day in a battered box
I noticed that the form which I was asked to sign to acknowledge delivery indicated that the signature confirmed that the order had been received in good condition. I signed but added "SOMEWHAT BATTERED" in the box. This was wildly optimistic.

The outer box

When I got a chance to look at it, as well as crushed, the box was ripped in several places. An even nastier surprise was waiting when I got to the box containing the printer cartride.

The box containing the cartridge

This box was crumpled, crushed and ripped open. The foil bag containing the printer cartridge was ripped and I was surprised to find the cartridge almost in one piece inside. Two pieces, actually. The door on the compartment containing the photosensitive roller had come off, ruining the roller and making the cartridge useless.

What DID this bloody useless carrier do to my delivery?
Play football with it? Drop something bloody huge and heavy on it? Your guess is as good as mine!

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