The Cast List:

A New Millennium Dawn - the quango which manages the Dome.

Detective Chief Superintendent Paul Armour, officer in charge of Operation Merlin against the Dome Robbers.

Commander Paul Brass - leader of task force created to hunt the Millennium Dome Bomber.

Detective Chief Inspector Sam Breitsch, SO 6 (Fraud Squad) investigating Dome-related corruption.

Ms Robyn Carnell-Wyatt - sometime ANMD executive, awarded contracts to boyfriend Amos Roche.

Bryom Chaikovsky - close friend of Baroness Wrathe, potential beneficiary of Dome largesse.

Marsha Charlesworth - official spokeswoman for MD Sabs, solicitor.

Sir Willis Crane, CEO New Millennium Commission.

Clive Denison, Dump The Dome Party independent MP for Greenwich after October 2000 general election.

Sir Basil de Renge, chief executive officer of Gusvion Holdings.

Doshan Syndicate - Japanese bidders for the Dome.

Alan Evage - Shadow Heritage Secretary.

Mrs. Georgina Fell, Bicycling Freedom Party, independent MP.

Georgina Graham's, QC, head of National Audit Office investigation of corruption and incompetence around the Millennium Dome's construction and administration.

Gusvion Holdings - major Dome sponsor and operator of the G.H. Leisure Zone, the most popular zone in the Dome.

Winston Hardcastle - Leader of Opposition, from cadet branch of Hardcastle Breweries of Bradford, successful brewery manager before turning to politics.

Lord Hawksbane (Gerald Philip Lucas Hawksbane, Bart., call me Luke) - Cabinet Office Minister in charge of 'co-ordinating all aspects of the Millennium Dome project'.

Captain James, mercenary, suspect in second 'Gunpowder Plot' against the Millennium Dome, possible alias of British army officer Lt. James Xavier Calvertin, possibly linked to Lucrio Sospettoso, Pierson McAndelsen and Angus McBlair.

David Jones - Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, chairman of the New Millennium Commission.

Professor Andrew Kennedy, chairman British Construction Industry Federation awards committee which gave the Dome the first prize in the major contracts category.

Jiro Karo - member of the Japanese Doshan Syndicate, Dome bidders.

The Millennium Dome Bomber (MDB) - identity unknown, explosive objector to McBlair regime starting the 3rd Millennium a year early.

The Millennium Dome Saboteurs or MD Sabs - a group dedicated to preventing the construction of the MD then ensuring its early closure.

Campbell McAllister - the Prime Minister's Chief of Communications at 10, Downing Street.

Pierson McAndelsen - the Prime Minister's chief crony and Minister of Heritage, one of the Dome's champions.

Angus McBlair - Prime Minister, a not very good lawyer turned politician. A man who believed that the Dome would play a part in 'rebranding' Britain to his personal vision and become a lasting monument to his administration.

Connie McBlair - wife of Angus, much more successful lawyer, makes a fortune from bringing actions against the Government.

Fergus McBlair - the Prime Minister's brother, man about town wannabe and freeloader.

George McDour - Chancellor of the Exchequer and PM in waiting.

The National Audit Office - the Government's official auditor - but not always the preferred one.

The New Millennium Commission - a semi-independent body set up by the Government to pass National Lottery funds to worthy projects celebrating the dawn of a new millennium.

Chapman O'Straw - Home Secretary and the man with the job of catching the Millennium Dome Bomber.

Page Grant Hustingly - accountants & 'independent' auditors of Dome's finances. In Sept, 2000 delivered an optimistic report for public consumption and an accurate one 'your eyes only' for the Cabinet.

Lucy Raven - 2000 election agent in Greenwich for independent candidate Clive Denison.

Sir Basil de Renge - chief executive officer of Gusvion Holdings.

Amos Roche - former boyfriend of Robyn Carnell-Wyatt, received ANMD contracts worth 20million.

Lucrio Sospettoso - Italian billionaire behind purchase of Dome.

Sir Brian Targe - director of finance of A New Millenium Dawn, the Dome's management quango.

Sir Tom Todhunter - Eighties 'asset-ripper', former close friend of Baroness Wrathe, front-man of a syndicate bidding for the Dome.

Henry Tudor - Minister of Transport, leader Angus McBlair's official opposition within his party [as opposed to Chancellor George McDour].

UK Electoral Regulation Commission (UKERC), scrutinizes the conduct of national & local elections, and can audit candidates' expenses.

Dame Shirley Worthy - sometime "Dome Secretary" and head of A New Millenium Dawn, the Dome's management quango.

Dame Alice Wrathe - "Dome Secretary", successor to Baroness Worthy and new head of ANMD.

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