The Millennium Dome Bombing Saga


The Dome

The Millennium Dome Bombing Saga with particular reference to The Millennium Dome's History, Known Facts about the Bomber, and the Crew of Politicians whose Manoeuvrings made the Whole Thing Possible.

One day, the Government's high-ups, their cronies and the 'usual suspects' were planning to enjoy a grand New Year celebration at the poor old taxpayer's expense. One day later, their plans were in tatters.
   Who was to blame?
   The Millennium Dome Bomber.
   Who he? Or she?
   No one knew.
   About all that anyone knew for sure was that someone had taken violent exception to the Government's planned celebration of what would be a bogus millennium change at the end of 1999.
   The Millennium Dome Bomber, one individual or a group, had taken a stand for honesty in public life and the politicians had to face the consequences. Prime Minister Angus McBlair had spouted at great length about how the Millennium Dome encapsulated New Labour's vision of modern Britain at the dawn of a new millennium. The MDB, as the bomber came to be know, showed McBlair and his allies just how easily a determined opponent could deflate them.
   What was to follow gave new meaning to the curse, "May you live in interesting times."

This is a history of the adventure of the Millennium Dome after the bomber struck and an account of what became public knowledge about the Millennium Dome Bomber. A tale of skulduggery and pure and impure motives, it was over one year in the making and it was thought to be complete at long last as March of 2001 began.
   But the saga keeps on rambling on and on ...
   A consortium of RLC authors has thrown ideas into this particular pot. We hope that you, the reader, enjoy them.

Visitors to the Dome :
RELAX! -- Everything that you need
will be there on the day!

  • Restaurants, cafes and kiosks offering a wide range of food and drink to suit every budget and taste
  • Souvenir and gift shops
  • A Tourist Information Centre
  • Cash machines
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Free pre-booked wheelchair loan service
  • Toilet facilities
  • Public telephones
  • Audio aids for non-English speaking visitors and the disabled


  • Do remember that the New Millennium Experience is open for only one year
  • Do keep your tickets safe as they cannot be replaced
  • Do remember that your ticket also admits you to the world exclusive comedy film at the Skyscape venue and the spectacular New Millennium Show
  • Do keep in mind that it's a full, fun day
    (The average visit is expected to take 5 to 6 hours)
  • Do leave heavy bags at home and remember to wear comfortable shoes
  • Do remember that public transport is the best way to get to the Dome
  • Do remember that the Dome offers a full range of food and drink facilities at high street prices
  • Do remember tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged
  • Do remember that if it's cold, you may want to keep your coat with you, although there are cloakrooms and left luggage facilities at the entrance
  • Don't expect to buy a ticket at the door. Tickets will NOT be available at the Dome
  • Don't come to the Dome without your ticket
  • Don't bring your car. The Dome is a No Car Zone and there are parking restrictions for 2 miles around
  • Don't hesitate to visit the website at for up-to-the-minute Dome information

The Dome
The Dome
The Dome
Inside the Dome
The Dome
The Dome
The bombed Dome
After the Dome
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