The Millennium Dome Bombing Saga

The Millennium Dome
A Tour Of The Attractions after a
Left Turn at the South Entrance

Inner Ring Zones:
Ecology Zone
Body Zone
Rest Zone

10. EXPLORATION -- Virtual reality tours of Earth's severe environments - deserts, jungles, the bottom of the sea, mountain tops and the polar regions. "A stunning tour of the Earth's natural beauty," according to the sponsors.
11. ECOLOGY -- Demonstrations of how the planet works and how its parts link together to create diverse environments for a wide range of life-forms. There is a strong emphasis on what can be achieved to protect the planet through the use of recycling and sustainable resources.
12. BODY ZONE -- A giant human figure - 95 feet high - of neutral gender allows visitors to explore the interior of the body and view the not too disgusting bits in action. An exhibition area at the feet educates visitors on health, human biology, medical science and fitness issues.
13. BUSINESS -- The tour of the world of business at various levels ranging from the 'one man band' to international commerce and high finance. Virtual Reality displays show how the office of the 21st Century might look, the equipment which will be needed in a home office, and consider the skills needed in the new millennium.
14. REST ZONE -- A place for visitors to collapse, optionally with a snack, until they have worked up the energy for more exploration of the attractions. The Dome's "chill-out" space with "liquid graphic displays" designed to have a relaxing effect.

Central Zone:

THE NEW MILLENNIUM SHOW -- A 30-minute extravaganza exploring human nature and history, and featuring up to 150 performers, who swoop down ropes to the stage from 150 feet up in the air!


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