The Millennium Dome Bombing Saga

The Millennium Dome
A Tour Of The Attractions after a
Left Turn at the South Entrance

Outer Ring Zones:
UK Images
Our Planet
Leisure Zone 1
Leisure Zone 2
The Mind
Spiritual Zone

01. UK IMAGE -- A collection of images of the 4 countries of the UK selected by members of the public. Expect an eclectic selection of paintings, photographs, sketches and sculpture attempting to define the British (and Northern Irish) character.
02. OUR PLANET -- A virtual reality tour of the Earth covering its formation, evolution, changing geography and place in the universe, occasionally with special reference to the British Isles.
03. SEASIDE WORLD -- A virtual reality experience of a traditional British seaside resort featuring a fun fair, and a sea-front offering a beach, a promenade and a pier. Mainly about how life used to be before the war but also includes some worthy comments on ecology and pollution.
04. TRAVEL -- Virtual reality experiences of travelling by all means by land, sea and air including VR simulations of river travel in a variety of small craft and a James Bondish "Travel In The Future" section.
05. COMMUNICATIONS -- A gadget-packed history of telecommunications with lots of suggestions for new gadgets which BT and its rivals hope will become indispensable in the 21st Century.
06. LEISURE -- Rides and virtual reality games for children of all ages. Most of the games are non-violent and most of them are new to this country. Predictions of what will be the new games of the 21st Century are thin on the ground. The rides fit the Prime Minister's requirements for them to be "pink-knuckle" rather than "white-knuckle" (shame about that) but the kids who tested them out before opening day seemed to enjoy them. Gusvion Holdings have really gone to town in what is predicted will be the most popular zone in the Dome. No sign of Pierson McAndelsen's famous "Surferball" game anywhere, though!
07. EDUCATION -- A classroom of the future with interactive virtual reality zones offering the chance to experience various careers including pop star and the ever popular train driver. The concept of "lifelong learning" is promoted heavily and there are lots of computers connected to educational websites.
08. THE MIND -- Interweaving decks guide the visitor through an exploration of our senses and perceptions. The high-tech medical equipment on show includes a brain scanner and the familiar VR displays explore what a trip to the doctor in the 21st Century will be like.
09. SPIRITUAL ZONE -- The development of religion and spirituality over the last 2,000 years - using Christianity as a reference pointer to other faiths. There is a contemplation zone, and a 10-minute music and laser show in a pyramid-shaped theatre.


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