The Millennium Dome Bombing Saga



Angus McBlairAngus McBlair

After a period out of the public gaze, he eventually resurfaced in the United States, where he seemed to be on the point of making a lot of money as the hottest new TV evangelist in a country where God still matters.
   Alas, the wheels came off his new career when talk of an indictment before the War Crimes Tribunal at the World Court at The Hague for his part in starting the illegal war against Iraq in 2003 took a more serious turn.
   Angus McBlair is now believed to be back in hiding, possibly in Panama, possibly in Ecuador or Venezuela, or possibly somewhere else.

Gordon McDourGordon McDour

Unwilling to endure the humiliation of being reduced to a back-bench politician, Gordon McDour gave up his seat in Parliament and launched a campaign to make himself the next chief executive officer of the World Bank.
   He set himself up as an advisor to banks dealing in the sub-prime mortgage sector to fund his campaign, which came shuddering to a halt when the bank in Iceland, where he had deposited his entire life savings and pension, went bust in spectacular style.

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