To Archive List PageThe Foot and Mouth Fiasco cost the country £8billion -- but no one is to blame. How did that happen? Read on and we'll tell you.

It was very simple, really. Applying the principle of Innocence through Obfuscation, Tony Blair got everyone to tell a different story to the bloke doing his in-private (as opposed to in-public) inquiry, Dr. Iain Anderson. As a result, Dr. Anderson wasn't able to work out who was responsible for:

Taking 3 weeks to call in the Army.

A massive extension of the cull programme, which wiped out 7 million animals, part-way through the epidemic.

Closing off footpaths and not reopening them, costing the tourism industry upwards of £5,000,000.

Not considering the use of vaccination to limit the spread of the disease, despite EU recommendations.

The only person who copped for a slap on the wrist was former Agriculture Minister Nick Brown [subsequently relieved of the post], who made crucial errors and a shower of false claims that everything was under control.

Quotes from Dr. Anderson :

The evidence from Blair, his minsters and their officials "did not add up to a coherent story."

"Most of the time, people were saying they weren't present when decisions were taken. When I asked who made decisions, people replied that they were not sure. Decisions just emerged."

New Labour -- in office but not in charge of anything.

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