To Archive List Page What does Macclesfield Council's Vision Statement say and what do the fine words and promises really mean?


To maintain a sustainable environment for the future.

No, we don't know what it means either.

To improve and protect the built environment.
To improve and protect the natural environment.

We hope you won't notice that we've split 'the environment' into 2 categories and that you'll be impressed by the number of statements rather than their content.

To promote sustainable transport policies to minimize congestion and reduce pollution.

Buses take up a lot of road space so we're going to put a stop to them. Private cars cause congestion so we'll put a stop to them, too.

Affordable housing for all.

A council house for everyone whether you want one or not.

A healthy community.

Council wardens will stop people smoking and eating burgers, and force them to take exercise.

A safe community.

Council wardens will watch everyone round the clock to make sure that they behave themselves.

An inclusive community.

Each area will be required to show that it contains people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds - or else!

A learning community.

Council wardens will make sure that everyone - adults included - does at least 3 hours' homework every night.

A listening community.

Free hearing aids for all - whether you need them or not.

To maintain a vibrant and diverse local economy.

Shops will rotate businesses on a weekly basis. E.g. your newsagent will be a chip shop next week, a dry cleaner's the week after, then a grocer's, etc.

To support and develop local businesses.

Oh, boy! Are we going to have fun sticking our noses into your businesses!

To create opportunity and diversity of employment.

Councillors and the Officers of the Borough will be allowed to distribute jobs freely to relatives and friends [what else is new?] - irrespective of ability in order to take account of the diversity requirement.

To achieve sustainable growth and encourage investment.

Well, it looks impressive, you have to admit that.

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