To Archive List PageWith the wheels still to come off his administration every five minutes, the Prime Monster has been obliged to issue yet another list of things for which he offers a grovelling apology.

The Future EU President
There have been a few problems recently but normal service will be resumed as soon as the customers stop bellyaching and go back to sleep. Meanwhile, the PM offers even more grovelling apologies for:-

Dropping new responsibilities on local councils without providing the money to fund them, thus forcing up Council Tax by anything up to ten times the rate of inflation.

Letting Council Tax rise by 70% (relative to 1997 levels) under New Labour as a device for blaming the consequent rise in the cost of living on someone else.

The Chancellor's 7p per gallon (with VAT) Stealth Tax on petrol [Number 62 in the series].

Dodgy Dossier on Iraq's alleged weapons No. 1.

Dodgy Dossier on Iraq's alleged weapons No. 2.

All the deceit and sexing-up and over-egging surrounding the justification for, the run-up to, and the conduct of the Iraq war; and its aftermath.

Letting Alastair Campbell rant at the BBC as a distraction from questions about why Prime Minister Blair plunged his country into someone else's foreign war.

The mess surrounding the demise of Dr. David Kelly.

Making Geoff 'Buff' Hoon the Defence Secretary and Minister For Going On Holiday And Not Knowing Anything About Anything At All.

John Scarlett, the chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee, who let Alastair Campbell mess about with the contents of dodgy dossier which were supposed to be 'all his own work', and who failed to correct media misconceptions about dodgy dossiers.

Setting NHS targets which force NHS Trusts – and GPs – to reject patients if they cannot see them within the target limit.

Promising his crony Peter Mandelson the job of the UK's European Commissioner after Neil Kinnock retires.

Not sacking 'Sleaze-Buster' Kinnock for his failure to root out corruption in the EU's financial affairs and for his active encouragement of corruption by sacking the EU's chief accountant when she tried to do something about endemic fraud.

Continuing to under-egg the impact on our country of the proposed European Union Constitution by describing root and branch changes as cosmetic tidying up.

This apology runs up to the end of 2003/09

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