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Mohammed Sahaf
The World's Favourite Communicator
Macclesfield Bound?

Dr. Mohammed Sahaf established a reputation as the world's most unflappable communicator during the 2003 Iraq War. He was able to proclaim, with utmost conviction, that victory lay just around the corner right up to the moment of defeat.
   Such was his impact on the world of communications that, at the last count, there were 182 websites in 43 different countries dedicated to his inspirational words. And now, the hot rumour is that he is being head-hunted as Director of Communications for Macclesfield Borough Council.
   Naturally, following the fall of the Saddam Regime in Baghdad, Dr. Sahaf is enjoying a period of rest, recuperation and personal reflection while he considers offers. The best of the bunch seems to be the post of Downing Street's Director of Communications. But the present incumbent of that post is proving difficult to evict and there are certain problems about parachuting in an Iraqi citizen.
   According to the latest leak, the prime minister's office is taking the opportunity to obtain a UK work permit for Dr. Sahaf in another capacity. Spending a period as Director of Communications for a Conservative-controlled borough council, such as Macclesfield, is thought to be a favoured bridge-the-gap tactic. There is a certain amount of opposition to be overcome, however.
   A prominent member of Macclesfield Borough Council has denied that any approach will be made to Dr. Sahaf. He told Garbagegate's roving reporter, "Posts of this nature are normally granted 'on the nod' to some deserving local person, who is known to the council's officers as trustworty. Bringing in an outsider and flying in the face of this tradition is quite unacceptable."
   Even so, given the devious nature of politics in Downing Street, and in Macclesfield at present, it could happen!

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