To Archive List PageThe Daily Mail led the way in June, 2002, with a list of New Labour's crimes. Here are some more things for which Tony and his chums owe us apologies.

PM in missile proof gear
PM Blair in missile proof gear. Source: The Black Flag.
Perhaps the PM would care to don his garbage-proof outfit again and tell the nation how dreadfully sorry he is for the following:

Moving public sector borrowing requirements for capital projects, e.g. building hospitals and schools, into the private sector via the Private Finance Initiative as part of the process of cooking the books ahead of sneaking the UK into the eurozone -- so that Tony Blair will have a shot at being President of Europe when New Labour eventually stabs him in the back.
Presiding over the handing out of national lottery money to 'charities' and pressure groups outwith the Community Fund's rules which encourage bogus refugees and apologists for terrorists.
Fostering the compensation culture to the extent that Windsor Cubs are required to get a note from their Mum if they want to play conkers to prevent litigious parents from taking the organization to court over a minor or imaginary injury.
Clinging to President Bush's coat tails in an effort to become associated with a foreign war in Iraq to distract attention from the messes created by New Labour at home.
[Q: Which world leader has been accused of doing just that recently and which German leader in the 1930s/40s was said to be President Bush's role model?]
Messing the armed forces around so that they're not strong enough in numbers, and they lack sufficient equipment which works reliably, to take on a 3rd World dictator.
Sending the 4,000 troops, who were designated for fire-fighting duties when the fire brigade goes on strike, off to practice for a war in Iraq which they can't fight through lack of numbers and decent equipment.
Crashing the UK stock market on a regular basis with talk of a war which most members of his own party don't want and won't support.
Pushing up the price of petrol and consequently raising prices for everyone in the country with his war posturing.
Stealth taxing the pensions industry into crisis. [See also: crashing the UK stock market.]
Requiring the Criminal Records Bureau to check up on the past of teachers, etc.; not making sure that the bureau could do the job; and allowing a new school year to begin with a shortage of vetted teachers.
Fiddling Census results by creating virtual people as a 'best guess' for all the people missed in the 2001 Census.
Note: the fiddled results will then be used to justify future government policies.
Running the cost of a new Wembley stadium up to the same level as the cost to the nation of Blair's Bogus Millennium Dome.
Note: over 10% of the cost of the new stadium will go to cronies, bankers and lawyers rather than people who will make a useful contribution to the scheme.
Selling all of the Inland Revenue's properties to, and leasing them back from, an off-shore company which pays no UK taxes -- despite the Treasury's alleged crackdown on such pratices.
The flood of cheap heroin on the way to the UK now that the Bush-Blair axis has removed the incompetent Taliban regime from Afghanistan and restored opium production to the hands of the infinitely more competent local warlords.
Presiding over a totally pathetic earthquake in the West Midlands, which wasn't a patch on the one that we had in 1984 under Mrs. Thatcher.

Meddling with the education system; meddling with the exams; setting up a government dominated quango to oversee exam boards; denying that the government was pulling the quango's strings; fixing exam results; going along with a whitewash by the quango; denying any responsibility when the whole mess came unglued; sacking Sir William Stubbs, who was cleared by the government's own inquiry; and not sacking Estelle Morris, who let the whole mess happen because, clearly, she's not up to her job.

This apology done -- in part only -- on 2002/10/03

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